Exclusive (Part 1): Barbie Thomas “Fitness Unarmed”

Photo Credit: Rob Sims Studio

By: Cali Ann Lee

Pink Couture Life is proud to introduce you to Barbie Thomas. The first time I saw Barbie was on Facebook. A friend had posted a picture of her & I had to know more about her! I was truly touched by the photo of Barbie, that I found it impossible to continue making those same tired excuses that stopped me from pushing past my limits.

Can a photo move you in a better direction? Well, for me that is what happened when I saw that picture. Barbie is happily married & a mom of four:-) Barbie has two sons & two bonus kids which happen to be her dogs! Today we are talking to Barbie about fitness, food, motivation and a few other surprises. But, if you want to know more about Barbie & find out how this unarmed fitness bombshell became the woman she is then check out her website & read her incredible bio.

Q: Barbi, tell Pink Couture Life about you and what you do?

Barbie: Well, to me I’m just a regular person! I do everything that everyone else does! I’m a proud mom, a wife, a fitness competitor, and a motivational speaker! I also help girls occasionally with some show prep and posing! I’d actually like to do that more! Oh ya, and I don’t have arms:) I use my feet for everything!

 Q: How did your love affair with fitness begin?

Barbie: I think it’s just been engrained in me since I was a child. Both of my parents were big into working out and staying healthy. My brothers and I were always kept active in sports. I played soccer for a fe years, but mainly did swim team and dance. Somewhere along the line, my parents’ love of working out was passed on to me! In high school, I continued swimming, started running and doing aerobics videos (Buns of Steel,Abs of Steel, etc) When I went off to college, I started going to the Rec. Center, taking aerobics classes, and using the weight room.

 After I got married (the first time) and had my first baby, I got really serious about my training. I also got certified to be an aerobics instructor, which I did for several years!! I have always admired all the fitness chicks in the magazines, and I always wanted to do what they do. I finally made the decision to go for it in 2003! I loved it so much that I just kept going!

Q: You recently returned to the stage in March after a 3 year hiatus. What prompted your return?

Barbie: I’m a competitive person by nature. I’m also a Leo, and Leos love being the center of attention and in the spotlight! LOL. Honestly though, the sport of fitness has been dying a slow death in the past several years. Once they added figure… .and now bikini…..we see fewer and fewer fitness competitors, and it breaks my heart! It’s MY sport; the sport I love!! After being to several shows where there were no fitness competitors, I just decided it was time for me to be up on that stage again! I missed it! It’s in my blood!

Q: Barbie, you’re a busy lady! Not only are you a competitor your also a mom & wife. How do you find balance while blocking the excuses? What have you learned about your body and mind?

Barbie: First of all, I’ve never been allowed to make excuses. My parents didn’t allow it when I was younger, and I don’t allow it now. I don’t allow it from my own kids either! Making excuses gets nobody anywhere! I have found the statement, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” to be very true! I believe the only limitations any of us has are the ones we put on ourselves.

Q: You have a wonderful blog where your pretty much an open book (I’ve been reading through all your posts & their FAB) Why did you start the blog & what are your plans for the blog?

Barbie: Yes, I am definitely an open book…totally opposite from my husband. You have to pry his book open with the jaws of life! I just feel like I have so much to say!! Sometimes it’s just random little things, goofy things, or whatever, but that’s just how I am. My husband always tells me that my brain is on speakerphone. LOL, I guess with the blog, I can just be open about things I think or feel. People can get a feel for who I am, what I’m like, and what makes me tick. I also hope it shows others that even without arms, I still have a full and “normal” life! There are so many people faced with difficult situations and adversity and have no idea how they are going to go on with life! I’m hoping to be a good example of someone who, even though I have trials, I stay positive and LIVE life regardless! It can be done!

Q: What tips do you have for people who want to make a change in their lives where health & fitness are concerned?

Barbie: Give it your all!! In fact, i just blogged about this today! Be consistent and don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing the results you want as quickly as you want. It takes time! If you’re consistently giving your 100% with your training and meals, the results will follow!

Q: Tell us, what are some of your favorite books & magazines that you find helpful for tips, workouts, & motivation?

Barbie: I’m not a book reader. I am however, a magazine junkie. I like Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Fitness RX, Flex and some others. I also find a lot on the social networks and internet! Internet is a wonderful thing!!

Q: Do you have a favorite blog(s) that you head to for healthy recipes?

Barbie: Actually, they come right to m email!! I’m not one who usually uses recipes. i just kinda get an idea and figure it out. However, Allison Moyer sends out recipes and they’re great!! There’s also some good ones in the ‘Eat Clean’ magazine and books, which are also in Oxygen :)

Q: What tools do you find helpful to track progress?

Barbie: The mirror, how my clothes fit, body fat testing, and yes…I look at the scale. I have decided it must be a girl thang.

Q: What’s your take on “Healthy” fast food options, do they exist?

Barbie: I honestly don’t think anything from a fast food restaurant is healthy. For the most part, even their salads are crap! I always have a shaker with protein powder in it in my purse just in case I’m ever stuck without food. Ya can’t get any faster than that right? Add water and shake..fast and easy.

Q: How important is it to you to prep meals for the week “Meal Prep Sunday BABY”?

Barbie: I think it’s very important! Sunday is usually our day to get food cooked up too. My husband is awesome on the grill. So, he usually grills up a bunch of chicken and steak. I just make my own fish because he’s allergic to it. Fish doesn’t stay good for an entire week anyway. So, I make a few days worth at a time. If I’m going to be gone all day, I get my food all weighed out and ready to go in the morning or the night before. if I’m gonna be home, I just do it each time I eat.

Q: Name some of your favorite go to snacks?

Barbie: NUTS

Q: Favorite cheat/treat that isn’t really a cheat but the most delicious, decadent treat that should be a cheat (got all that)

Barbie: Sushi:) When I’m not cheating, I stick with sashimi or have them wrap the rolls in cucumber instead of rice. If I’m having a cheat meal, then I get the yummy, ricey rolls…and then frozen yogurt!

Q: What are some of your favorite fitness activities or formats?

Barbie: First of all, I will be honest and say that I hate cardio! It has to be done however. So, I like to do speed intervals on any cardio machine. Running bleachers is one of my favorite things to do as far as cardio goes. I really love weight training though! I almost always do something between sets though…lunges, abs, plyos!

Q: Parting words….

Barbie: To everyone reading this: NEVER sell yourself short! You CAN do anything that you put your mine to! “CAN’T” is NOT an option!! I really enjoyed doing this interview, and I hope y’all like it too!

Barbie Thomas, Cover Girl Credits:

Barbie’s Webite

Barbie on Facebook

Barbie on Youtube

Barbie’s Blog

Rob Sims, Photographer Credits:

Rob’s Website

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